Finding The Balance

Life has a funny way of pulling us in a million different directions at once, doesn’t it? Everyone has the same typical focuses… we want to excel at our job, our house should look like a Joanna Gaines Fixer Upper episode, we shouldn’t miss a second of our children growing up, dinner should be healthy and creative – and of course we’d like to look absolutely fabulous while juggling everything.

Being a business owner throws a whole other level of craziness into the picture. Whether you own a service business, brick and mortar shop, are a direct sales or network marketing consultant – you are your own boss. What no one tells you, is that businesses are like having another child. They need love, nourishment, time, patience and focus in order to grow into healthy, sustainable, thriving income producing businesses.

Finding the balance of business, family and life can feel like a never-ending process… and the truth is – that’s exactly the way it is. Things will never slow down or work out themselves. It’s up to you to be the mastermind behind your life to avoid living the role of perpetual ringleader in your own personal circus.

You can choose to change the course of your story, but you have to commit to making some changes in yourself to get there. The secret is finding your balance. How can you make sure to give everything the proper attention, while not letting anything slack?

1 – Stop Trying to Be Super Human – We don’t have capes or super powers. No one is perfect. Even the gorgeous lady who lives on the end of the cul-da-sac, walks her Gap model kids to the bus stop in her Jimmy Choos and takes private yoga lessons near the lake before heading off to her corner office. (I bet her closets are a mess and she orders take out way too often!) – Stop comparing yourself to others. Accept the fact that you are on your own journey. Once you allow yourself to breathe, you can start to focus on really creating the balance you crave.

2 – Put Your Life in the Crock Pot – I tried for a long time to separate things into different areas of focus. This day is for my business. This day is for family. This day is for 13417453_10206581658606529_5174076879925875310_nhousework. This day is for me (which never actually happened). This led to feelings of guilt and dissatisfaction in life. I felt like I was ignoring my kids on work days, like I was sabotaging my business by not answering the phone on family days. There was no balance. I decided to put all the ingredients of life in the crock pot, and to simmer them altogether.  I started to involve my kids in my business. My daughter helps me prepare catalogs for my direct sales business and she loves to work the table with me at Expos. As a family, we think of fun social media posts including the stoneware in different settings with fun sayings. Finding ways to integrate business, family and life takes time, but with effort, you will start to see an improvement.

3 – Time to Develop You – Never stop learning. Never stop finding inspiration to help yourself improve your skills. I read in Networking Times Magazine something I will never forget – top leaders never stop learning. Everything in life is a skill. In business and IMG_4547direct sales, your success hinges on your willingness to add skills to your tool box. Customer care, booking gatherings, sponsoring new team members, sales, tech are some of the first skills we develop in a direct sales business. To have success, leaders don’t stop there, but move on to add trust, loyalty, energy and many more skills to their inventory. The beauty is – these skills can be applies to all areas of life and will help create balance.

The most important part of creating a balance, is knowing what you want your life to look like. Have a vision of where you’d like to get, set the plan to get there and take the right actions to help it become a reality.  Without a plan, how will you know what direction to go? Remember, this is a process. Nothing worth waiting for happens over night, so have patience while you’re building the life you dream of.



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