Network Marketing Founding Leader & Manager, mommy to two amazing kids and 6 pups, singer, business owner and Cancer survivor.

I am blessed in many ways. I have a wonderful husband, who I work with every day running our music lesson business, well as recording and touring with his music and building our business together as network marketing consultants. I have an amazing son, Adrian who is 14 years old and a beautiful daughter Luciana who is 10. We reside in New Jersey where we own and operate our studio.  I am a cancer survivor as well. And all of this fits into my 33 years on the planet.


In 2008 at 23 years old I was diagnosed with a very rare form of Acute Myeloid Leukemia. It is so rare, that there are only about 40 known cases of this form of Leukemia ever recorded and there is no scientific name for the version I was dealt with. In medical terms it is called: AML FAB M-2 t(16;21) (p16;q21) and involves a chromosome translocationa and gene malformation. Fighting this Cancer required intensive chemotherapy during many months of inpatient stays. I was treated at a wonderful hospital in northern NJ with an amazing Doctor.

May_2008_048My AML was so rare, and had such a low percentage of survival rates, my doctor decided ultimately a bone marrow transplant was my best chance. I was lucky and had seven good matches in the national bone marrow registry for my doctors to choose from. After picking a donor, I had my bone marrow transplant on July 22 2008. I just celebrated my 8 year Bone Marrow Transplant anniversary, which is a HUGE milestone! I published a memoir on this experience, “Life, Love… Leukemia” to help young adults going through their own battle.

Beating Cancer changed my outlook on life more than I could ever imagined! It has awakened me to just BE and DO as I want. We welcomed 6 little doggies into our life, Francine, Gigi, Pierre, Penelope, Mabel and Darla. We changed out lifestyle by eating clean, unprocessed foods and cooking on natural surfaces, etc. On a whim, I shaved half of my hair and dyed the rest bright pink! Why? Why not! It’s fun – and it’s only hair 🙂

Life has a way of throwing you curveballs that can change your life in the blink of an eye. In April 2016, everything was flipped around again for our family – but unlike last time – we were blessed with the opportunity of a lifetime, and life took an amazing 14368687_329868064031554_4649933157496497815_nturn! I was introduced to an amazing woman & entrepreneur, who I’d actually been following or years and using her products. I was offered the opportunity to start a new business, as an independent consultant with a ground floor direct sales company. It was a no-brainer – I knew right away that this was the plan, this was where our life was destined to lead – and jumped in head first into a whole new world! I jumped in and learned more every day by taking action, and have never looked back!

For me, this opportunity came at a time when I realized our family needs a change of pace. We are stuck in the daily rat race, and need to slow down – and LIVE, not survive. I picture us living on our terms our schedule. I see us living on a few acres of land, with a comfortable house, with room for the doggies to run, the kids to ride bikes, and maybe even some chickens and alpacas! I dream of this lifestyle where we can wake up and decide how we want to spend the day.

In 8 months, I have earned titles and recognitions month after month. I have built a team of over 200 consultants, was the first ever to achieve Manager level in the company, earned the title Founding Leader and am a member of the Founders Club. I was named top in sales and sponsoring at our first All Consultant Meeting in 2016 and have been consistently named in Top in Sales and Sponsoring every single month since launch. I have mentored team members to launch their business and have already seen consultants be able to quit their day job and start to build their dreams.


The extra flexible income has already been life changing, and it continues to grow month after month. The most amazing transformation has been personally. I have grown in 14344774_10207285676966548_2794432702734258945_nways I never would have imagined. I used to be the most shy person, would never even think about public speaking – heck I hated picking up the phone to order a pizza! But being surrounded by such an fantastic community of supportive women (and a few good men!), amazing and caring home office team and the most genuine COO and Founder, I am a completely different person. I LOVE public speaking, picking up the phone, making friends, networking and growing. I have become a leader, and take pride every day in the lives I am helping to change. Truly, this has been the opportunity of a lifetime and sharing it with others has become my greatest joy.






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